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4 Hacks to Fight Aging

Anti-aging products are so overrated. Thousands of over the counter treatments that promise to fight aging are introduced to the market year in year out, but are these products really effective? Maybe, maybe not. But the thing is, the anti-aging industry is a huge business. People are willing to a couple of hundreds just to get their hands on the latest treatments and therapies that reverses aging. Why fall for these treatments when you can you can fight aging without buying any of these products? You don’t have to break the bank to stay young and healthy. There are thousands of ways that you can do to fight aging without shelling out a cent. Are you ready? Here are some life hacks that can help you live a long and healthy life.


As we grow older our diet preference changes. Before we prey on junk food, lollies and greasy sloppy burgers. As we grow older we tend to get more conscious about our health. So we try to pick healthy foods. However, all the years of binge eating of junk food has decreased our health. Toxins and who knows what have already been in our system. When planning your diet to fight aging, focus on eating foods that have a high antioxidant concentration. This will help us flush out the toxins from our system and contain the growing number of free radicals in our body. Cranberries and black berries are great natural anti-oxidants.

Vitamins and Minerals such as selenium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin A are also essential to fight aging. Taking these anti aging supplements can help you prevent degenerative diseases such as blindness, osteoporosis and can help you maintain your youthful skin.


Staying physically and mentally active is the key to fight frailty. Though commonly seen in older adults, being frail is not normal in old age. There are older adults that can stay active and fit even after the age of 70. Being frail is not OK. Gardening and walking remains to be the top activities that older adults should observe regularly. Both activities should be done outdoors.


Sleep is important in older adults. Getting enough sleep means a well-rested body and a surge of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep. It is also a potent anti-oxidant.


Playing board games and puzzles can keep you mentally active. You need to practice your brain to avoid mental degeneration. Have fun and engage in stimulating conversations with your grandsons or other older adults.

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